Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Farnsworth Farms & Cider Mill

apples in bins
Yesterday our Earth Scouts group took a tour at Farnsworth Farms & Cider Mill in Draper, Utah. They are a local u-pick farm that has apples,
yellow apples
peaches, plums, tomatoes,
tomato sign
mini pumpkins
cantaloupe sign
eggplant, & corn. They are one of the few small family farms that has been around for more than 50 years. They don't spray any of their crops, so their all pesticide free. Yea!

We got to take a hayride and then a tour guide took us around the farm and told us a bit of history on the farm, a little bit about Johnny Appleseed, had the kids pick leaves off different fruit trees and told them how to tell the leaves apart so they would know what kind of tree it was when there wasn't any fruit on it. Then we went inside to see the equipment that they make their cider/juice on. We didn't get to see the process as it was cleaning day, but got the gist of it. We all got a sample of the cider and then got to go pick a golden delicious apple out in the orchard. We
took home a jug of cider, some corn, pears, & chocolate covered almonds from their farm store.


anna kiss 3:01 PM  

Sounds delicious. Not sure how you have more room for any veggies at home though! I love their signs.

Julie 9:31 AM  

Exactly! Especially apples since Lee picked 250 pounds from the neighbors garden, which as of yesterday we have used completely:) Gonna pick some more from the same tree this week. Can't have too much preserved food I'm finding out.

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