Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Echo Haiku

After reading a few poetry books with the boys this morning snuggled on the couch, I was inspired to write my own poetry.  Only had to think for a second about what subject I wanted to write about when I looked over at our beautiful Echo dog and inspiration struck:)

   Big, soft, and furry.
Loud bark, protector of us.
   Gives lots of kisses.


       Beautiful, funny.
Loves to run and bark at friends.
    Gives and receives love.


   Majestic and cute.
Big ears, nose, and paws.
 Loves to go for walks.

The books we read this morning were 'Lemonade; and Other Poems Squeezed From a Single Word' by Bob Raczka, 'Won Ton; A Cat Tale Told in Haiku' by Lee Wardlaw and 'DOGKU' by Andrew Clements.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Minecraft Papercrafts

The past few days around our house have been a flurry of paper folding, printing, cutting, taping & glueing various Minecraft papercrafts.

Damek received a Minecraft papercraft set from a friend for his birthday, which he put together this weekend.

Kyan wanted to get the same set, so we went to Toys R Us, but then Kyan saw that they had a Minecraft Pickaxe on sale, so he decided he wanted to get that instead (he picked out a diamond sword for Damek).  After arriving home, he immediately got the idea to make his own pickaxe by getting out a  piece of poster board, tracing the pickaxe that he bought, painting it, cutting it out and and pasting it to another traced and cut out piece of foam core for strength.
After Kyan's pick axe was finished Damek asked if it was a "Emerald/Amethyst Pick Axe".  Kyan said "no";)

Since Kyan didn't get a papercraft kit, we found a neat page on instructables called The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft Papercrafts, where we printed out our own templates to cut out and glue/tape together.

We found a generator on Pixel Papercraft where you type in your Minecraft username and it creates a template to print of your Minecraft skin, to then put together.  The boys thought that was pretty cool:) 
Damek's skin on the left, Kyan's skin on the right.
Also, a bit ago I came across this Minecraft Candle Powered Carousel and decided now was a good time to make it.  It was very time consuming, thankfully Lee helped me with the cutting and the folding on this one, and it was worth the effort to see the finished piece:)
Although Lee has gotten it to spin a couple of times with the heat of the candles, it's a bit tricky getting it balanced enough to do so, we're still working out some kinks.  I may rebuild the top blades as it called for 110# cardstock and we only had 65#, which might make a big difference, we'll see.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moab, November 2013

 Going through pictures recently I realized I never posted our pictures from our trip to Moab back in November, so here they are;)  Unfortunately the shutter mechanism on my Canon 40D broke about 1 week before taking our trip  (it is currently being repaired as we speak), so all my photos were taken with my iphone 4.

On the road.

 We arrived the evening of November 7th and stayed in a cabin at Morris's Last Resort.

Day 1

Here is a view from the back deck of our cabin.

Reading 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' at the cabin before heading out for the day.
 We took a drive down Potash Road to view some Petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks.

Dinosaur Bone

 Rock Art

Dinosaur Footprint
 Then we hiked to Corona Arch & Bowtie Arch
The Green River

Kyan resting along the trail.

Desert Varnish

 Bowtie Arch

Corona Arch 

We thought this looked like a face:)
 Hiking back to the trailhead.

Day 2.

View while drinking coffee & tea outside our cabin:)
 On the way to Fisher Towers

 Hiking through Fisher Towers


Lee named this cloud 'The Phoenix'.  If you look really closely you might be able to see (or not) the rock climbers at the very tippy top of the tallest tower!

 After our hike through Fisher Towers, we stopped by the Castle Creek Winery, where Lee and I did a wine tasting and then purchased 2 bottles of the ones we thought were the best.

We went to the Moab Brewery for dinner before retiring for the night:)

Day 3

We checked out of our cabin and headed south to an interesting roadside attraction called 'Hole In The Rock'
Here's a description from the website:

Travelers along U.S. Highway 191 in Southwestern Utah are amazed to discover this historic 5,000 square foot home which began taking shape almost a century ago by the Christensen family. What began as a small alcove for the young Christensen boys to sleep in at night grew into a man-made engineering marvel 20years in the making. A fireplace with a 65' chimney,14 rooms arranged around huge pillars and a deep bathtub built into the rock delight visitors who visit this most unusual home in the dessert. Original furnishings, Alberta's paintings, Gladys's doll collection and many of the tools used to create this home remind you of the past.
In a 12 year period Albert excavated 50,000 cubic feet of sandstone from the rock. During this time he completed his famous painting Sermon on the Mount and his sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt on the face of the rock above his home.
When Albert died in 1957, the home was not complete. Gladys's in keeping with his wishes & lifelong dreams continued to develop the property, opening a gift shop and giving tours of her home until she passed away in 1974. Gladys is laid to rest next to Albert in a small cove within the rock near the home.

Then we headed north back to Moab and the boys picked out their favorite rocks at this rock & fossil shop.

We stopped one last time at this huge sandy hill that is located across from Arches National Park that the boys had a blast at each day we were in Moab.

Damek, who normally dislikes getting in sand, loved this soft, worm, smooth desert sand and couldn't get enough of it:)
can you see our car at the bottom?

After leaving Moab, we headed to Dead Horse Point State Park to have a picnic before heading home.

 On our way home:)
The last time we went to Moab was in 2008, and Damek asked us for the longest time when we were going back.  This time once we arrived back home he said that we need to go to Moab every year.  Not sure if we will go specifically to Moab, but I agree that a desert trip at least once a year is definitely needed:)


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